Fortune Teller Fined For Brainwashing Client Into Becoming A Prostitute!

Give me a quarter, I’ll tell you your fortune! For one woman in Japan a trip to the fortune teller turned into a very, very dark future. A Tokyo fortune teller has been fined over $800,000 for brainwashing a woman into believing that she owed the supposed psychic money. In order to pay off her alleged debt the woman became a prostitute.  This is the one pimp that doesn’t have to say “Biatch better have my money” – because she already knows!

A Tokyo District court ruled that the clairvoyant took advantage of a client over several years. The unnamed client began seeing the fortune teller in 2008 and quickly became dependent on her advice for life decisions both major and minor. By 2011 this nefarious relationship led to the fortune teller convincing the victim to move into an apartment that she owned.

Judge Sotaro Tomuro said that “The fortune teller fueled the woman’s fears by leading her to believe that she owed her a lot of money.”  

Tokyo, a good place to have your palms read.

This need to pay off large sums of money then led the victim to work in the sex industry as a street prostitute in Tokyo from 2011 until 2013. While the victim worked as a prostitute and gave all of her earnings, totally $790,000 over the years, to her pimp medium, she was forced to live on as little as one dollar a day.

While this gives us a good idea for a brothel that offers tarot card readings during your “session”- others are quick to point out the dangers of visiting a fortune teller. Experts say there is one way to tell if your psychic fortune teller is taking advantage of you and you should end the relationship immediately: FORTUNE TELLING IS NOT A THING. THERE ARE NO SUCH THINGS AS REAL PSYCHICS.

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