Fox News Fired Stacey Dash

Stacey Dash


Two days after Trump before President, Fox News fired Stacey Dash. Draw your own conclusions.

Stacey Dash’s sporadic career as a Fox News pundit is over, after the network declined to renew her contract. The sometime-actress and author, an early and vocal Trump supporter, made her Fox News debut in 2014, but hasn’t been seen on air since last September. A representative told The Hollywood Reporter that the decision not to renew was taken last fall.

I’m one of those liberals who don’t celebrate people losing their jobs if they say something I don’t agree with, but Stacey Dash has said some terribly horrific shit on a network that makes money by saying terribly horrific shit. Not sure why they would fire unless….well, you know. I would say racism, but that might just be an alternative fact.


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