Gigi Hadid Is Single Now As Well

Gigi Hadid

Since Taylor Swift’s Girl Squad CC&R states that Taylor Swift can’t be single by herself,  Gigi Hadid is now single with Tylor after splitting with Zayn Malik. Less than a month after the banner pic was taken. The Gigi Hadid who said Taylor Swift invented girls being friends. Probably just a coincidence. Zayn just got tired of banging this after 6 months. Happens all the time. I assume it happened sometime in early May. Or maybe she dumped him. Had to be sometime in the last 6 days. Right around the time Taylor got dumped.  Doesn’t mean anything.  You’re reading too much into this. 

It’s officially a Squad-wide epidemic … Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik are breaking up. They’ve only been together for about 6 months … and she’s 21, while he’s 23 — so breaking up is kinda what you do. However their split comes right on the heels of Squad leader Taylor Swift’s with Calvin Harris.  Makes ya think — is this coordinated?

Coordinated? Taylor Swift doesn’t do coordinate media efforts like that. Unless this story from last night counts. 

A source tells E! News that Gigi and Taylor are actually confiding in each other as best friends during this time,” and adds, “They can really relate.” 

I’m sure they can. Gigi should pretend like she’s going to the store then go to her lawyer’s office to see if her contract has an early termination clause. Bringing her the head of Kanye West and/or Katy Perry would go a long way I to ease tensions during negotiations. Her legal counsel might also advise her to offer up a blood sacrifice to Tumblr. Sometimes you have to get creative. 

Taylor got eyes on you, Kendall. Don’t get too familiar with Gigi here. 

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