Girl Finds Out The Hard Way That Shedding Half Your Body Weight Has Downsides

There’s a saying that most diets fail – which is true. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve tried to diet, only to order pizza at 3:00 a.m. on a Tuesday because “Whatever, I’m not actually fat so I don’t give a shit.” What you REALLY want to do if you’re trying to lose weight, is to overhaul your lifestyle and permanently change your eating habits from eating garbage most of the time, to only some of the time. Mind you, I say that as someone who accidentally ordered both Wendy’s delivery and Papa Johns at the same time on Sunday night, then was like #FuckIt and managed to eat both. Diets are easy, but a permanent lifestyle change is hard.

But that’s exactly what 24-year-old Kayla Butcher managed to do.

Originally weighing in at 376 pounds, Kayla managed to lose 186 pounds in just one year after having a gastric bypass surgery. Sadly, while she’s significantly healthier now than she was a year ago, such immense weight loss doesn’t come without its repercussions.

Kayla now has approximately 20 pounds of excess skin hanging off her body, from her stomach to her arms and her thighs. “I am more self-conscious now at 189 pounds naked than I ever was at 376 pounds,” she lamented to Cosmopolitan. “I look and feel like a balloon that has lost all of its air a week after a party.”

While gastric bypass surgery is covered by Canada’s public healthcare system, sadly they consider having excess skin removed as “cosmetic” – so while Kayla’s absolutely crushed losing weight and becoming healthier, she has a ways to go before she’s able to fully “reclaim” her body back. “Everything is loose, saggy, wrinkly and deflated,” she explains. “It is very emotionally difficult to deal with, finally being freed from the weight I’ve carried since I was a child but still feeling trapped inside a body that constantly reminds me of the lifetime of pain and struggle…wearing clothes is more difficult and being intimate is even more daunting than before.”

Hoping to have the skin removed in the near future, Kayla has set up a GoFundMe page where she’s already raised over $4,000 towards her surgery. But regardless of the daunting road ahead, Kayla’s managed to stay positive. “I am still 100% a work in progress as we all should be! There is always room to grow, both physically and mentally. I am a better version of the amazing woman I was at 376 pounds. I am and was always worth it.”

You can donate to Kayla’s GoFundMe campaign HERE, and check out even more of her transformation photos on Instagram HERE!


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