Grandma Realizes She's Been Praying To A 'Lord of the Rings' Figure For A Decade

Great-grandmas love to collect little knick knacks and place them around the house but when one grandma thought she had been praying to a small figure of Jesus…well let’s just say it would make J.R.R. Tolkien proud.

The great-granddaughter was visiting her GG one day when she noticed a random toy figure sitting on the shelf with the other religious items. After asking why it was there, the grandma confirmed that it was Jesus of course. Who else could it be?!

Of course when you’re a senior citizen, maybe anyone in a robe with long hair looking regal could be Jesus. Granted, this figure doesn’t have a beard or anything but I guess we’ll give her a break this time. However it does make us wonder why Hugo Weaving, who played the elf Elrond in the Lord of the Rings/Hobbit films never played Jesus. I mean, if a great-grandmother with glaucoma can see the relation, why can’t Hollywood, dammit!

The great-granddaughter posted the images to Facebook explaining what she discovered. She wrote “My great-grandmother prays to this saint every day.”

No word if the grand-daughter corrected her great-grandmother or just let her do her great-grandmother thing and pray to random toys she thinks is Jesus. But either way, the purchase of that toy must’ve put a solid $1.50 in Peter Jackson’s bank account.

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