Han Solo Gets Cheeky as Sexy Poster Trend Sweeps Social Media

Solo has joined the recent sexy poster trend that is currently taking over social media. Alden Ehrenreich’s young Star Wars character is showing off his backside in the new character one-sheet, joining ranks with Infinity War and Deadpool 2. Earlier this week, Marvel Studios released new character posters for Avengers 3 and fans freaked out over Captain America’s poster because it highlights his posteriour. The same thing happened with Bucky’s poster, and then the Merc with a Mouth stepped up the butt game with a new Deadpool 2 poster.

Solo has officially joined the sexy poster trend. Alden Ehrenreich is standing, blaster in hand, showing off his backside. While not as over the top as Wade Wilson’s, it’s certainly no accident either. The backside sexy poster is the current trend that is sweeping social media, sending Marvel and Star Wars fans into a frenzy and wondering what’s going to come next in what has been called the summer of butts.

All kidding aside, the new Solo poster goes a long way in showing off how cool Alden Ehrenreich looks as the young Han Solo. This is one of the first times that the actor seems to exude the spirit of the way that Harrison Ford portrayed the iconic smuggler. Star Wars fans have been concerned with Ehrenreich’s abilities, especially after reports began to spread about acting coaches on the set of Solo and not really seeing a whole lot of the character in the recently released trailer.

Ron Howard has been busy putting the finishing touches on Solo: A Star Wars Story, posting pictures on social media. The score is officially finished, and the digital effects are nearing completion as evidenced by Howard’s recent posts. Additionally, it was just revealed that the movie will have an early premiere at Cannes. The special screening will take place on May 15th, ten days ahead of the premiere on May 25th. That means that it’s crunch time for Ron Howard at the moment, who promises Star Wars fans that they are going to enjoy the movie.

In other Solo news, you can now head over to Denny’s to sample their new Star Wars-themed menu and pick up some trading cards as well that feature some new characters. Or, you can gaze upon the new sexy Solo: A Star Wars Story poster with Han Solo’s backside on full display, joining the ranks of other notable sexy posters that will be gracing the walls of movie theaters all over North America this summer. Some of the corridors will literally be a hall of hero butts, staring at you as you find your theater. You can check out the new Solo poster below, thanks to the The Star Wars Legacy Twitter account.

Solo A Star Wars Story butt pose poster

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