Hawkeye's Ronin Costume Revealed in Avengers 4 LEGO Leak?

A new set of Avengers 4 LEGO figures has leaked online, giving the best look at Hawkeye’s Ronin costume yet. While Marvel Studios is doing their best to keep leaks from occurring, it’s nearly impossible to keep everything under wraps when the toys from the film are being manufactured. Earlier in the week, we saw an action figure leak that seems to imply that Gwyneth Paltrow’s Pepper Potts will suit up as Rescue in Avengers 4, and we’ve seen teases of a new white Avengers suit as well, thanks to another set of action figures.

The latest LEGO leaks provide us with a look at Captain Marvel in her green suit and Thanos, along with Thor and Captain America who appear to be in the same suits from Infinity War, except there’s no beard on Steve Rogers this time around. However, the best part of this toy image is Clint Barton as Ronin on the far right. He has a newer haircut, some facial hair, and a suit that’s made up of black, gray, and gold coloring.

It has yet to be officially confirmed by Marvel Studios that Clint Barton will take on the Ronin alias in Avengers 4, but we’ve seen concept art featuring the character as well as a photo of Jeremy Renner from the set that teased the costume. Clint Barton takes on the darker role of Ronin after the events of the Civil War comics when he rejoins the New Avengers. Barton is the second character in Marvel Comics to wear the Ronin costume, following Maya Lopez. Alexei Shostakov and Eric Brooks took on the costume after Barton. There’s also Ultimate Marvel version of Ronin as one of the multiple personalities of Marc Spector created to infiltrate the operations of Kingpin.

Hawkeye was noticeably absent from Infinity War, which had more than a few hardcore MCU fans angry. Jeremy Renner was not featured in any of the promotional material and his name was never shown in the credits from posters. However, many fans expected him to make a surprise appearance, along with Scott Lang, to help battle Thanos at the end of the film, but that obviously didn’t happen. Barton’s return is a big deal and it will be very interesting to see how the Russo Brothers bring him back.

We’re still quite a while from Avengers 4 hitting theaters, which means that we have plenty of merchandising leaks to look forward to in the near future. The trailer and title reveal are expected to launch next month, but as with most things involving Marvel Studios, the premiere date is being kept a secret for the time being. Regardless, hype for the film is currently off the charts and fans are starting to get restless, so let’s hope that the trailer comes sooner rather than later. While we wait, you can check out the latest Avengers 4 LEGO leaks below, thanks to Super Bro Movies.

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