Here Are The 7 Ways An Asteroid Collision With Earth Would Kill You

A 2000-foot asteroid passed by Earth recently. The asteroid, called “The Rock” passed within 1.1 million miles of us. That’s about 5 times the distance from the Moon to the Earth.

Temp Large Asteroid “The Rock” File Photo

Though we were in no danger of being obliterated by a large hunk of space rock this time, this near collision has spurred on a few studies showing exactly how a face-melting world-destroyer could switch you from living to “very very dead.”

Without further ado, here are the seven ways a large asteroid collision with Earth could kill you.


Earthquakes, or “seismic shaking” caused by the asteroid’s impact are no laughing matter, but they rank pretty low on the list of asteroid-based things that can cause you to meet your maker. According to the study, only 0.17 percent of casualties caused by an asteroid are due to earthquakes. Guess you can leave your earthquake kit at home.


Flying debris caused by an asteroid is also pretty low on the list. Though getting hit by a car, boulder or broken glass launched by an Earth impact would probably not feel great, it’s the least of your worries. Only half of one-percent of asteroid casualties will have to worry about this. Child’s play.


What exactly “cratering” is isn’t clear but regardless, less than one present of asteroid causalities will be caused by this. For our purposes, I’m just going to assume this is what they call being crushed to death by the asteroid itself. It won’t kill that many people comparatively but man, what a sweet way to go. If you’re worried about this, just buy a large, metal umbrella I guess.


In general, if an asteroid hits water it’s safer than if it were to collide with dry land. Still, an asteroid driven tsunami is serious business. Of all asteroid casualties, twenty-percent will lose their lives from a giant wave.  That’s a pretty big number, but it’s not even in the top three causes of asteroid related fatalities.


The immense blast of heat caused by an asteroid slamming into the Earth’s surface is hot enough to fry thirty-percent of all victims of extra terrestrial object-based murder. Hot enough for ya?

Shock Waves


Though earthquakes are pretty low on the list of an asteroid’s implements of death, shock waves are another story. The impact of a large asteroid striking the Earth can cause shock waves strong enough to tear through buildings and rip holes in your internal organs, which is particularly awful, because you need your organs.

Wind Blasts

Blowing in at the top of the list is the wind. The wind caused by an asteroid hitting terra firma, combined with the previously mentioned shock waves would account for sixty-percent of all asteroid-based fatalities. These gusts of wind aren’t the 5 mph gusts you’re used to. These wind blasts are strong enough to clear out forests so you know, what chance do you have?

Honestly, if a large asteroid hit Earth it’d be a pretty devastating scenario, but you can increase your odds of not dying in an asteroid strike to 100% by simply dying before one hits.

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