Hillary Clinton Is The Democratic Nominee For President, Let’s Move On

Hillary Clinton

Last night, the Associated Press declared Hillary Clinton the “the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee“. I know, I know, the CORPORATE MEDIA. The same corporate media who played every racist, sexist, dumbass Donald Trump soundbite on a constant loop, yet he still moonwalked into the Republican nomination. The media must wield a lot of power. Bernie Sanders, of course, has refused to concede despite Clinton leading in every conceivable metric. Immediately after this was announced, Sen. Sanders released this statement. Let’s examine it! Yay!

It is unfortunate that the media, in a rush to judgement, are ignoring the Democratic National Committee’s clear statement that it is wrong to count the votes of superdelegates before they actually vote at the convention this summer.

Uh oh, “the media”. I thought that was Sarah Palin’s thing? Also, “superdelegates”. This will be a pattern. 

Secretary Clinton does not have and will not have the requisite number of pledged delegates to secure the nomination.

This is correct. She doesn’t. She just needs to win 30% of the remaining pledge delegates. Honestly, what’s the probability of that happening? Honestly. Would Sanders concede then? Well, no duh.

She will be dependent on superdelegates who do not vote until July 25 and who can change their minds between now and then. They include more than 400 superdelegates who endorsed Secretary Clinton 10 months before the first caucuses and primaries and long before any other candidate was in the race. Our job from now until the convention is to convince those superdelegates that Bernie is by far the strongest candidate against Donald Trump.

Now, for the sake of time, we can skip the fact that if the Democratic presidential process abided by GOP rules, this shit would have been over in March. Now, I’m not a political strategist, but calling superdelegates “undemocratic” (and accusing them of being Clinton $hills in your statement), then needing to “convince” them to change their minds so you can win, doesn’t really seem like the best move, no? Maybe talking in circles isn’t really my thing. Can Sanders convince all of them to switch sides? Nothing’s impossible. But since math exists, Clinton would still have more pledged delegates more of the popular vote by tonight. So if Sanders and his supporters don’t want superdelegates to “thwart the will of the people“, then what exactly is he trying to gain here? Any way you read it, it doesn’t sound very democratic does it? Sorry. Now if your argument is that the superdelegates should change their minds since Sanders polls better against Trump (which he doesn’t), Facebook tells me that polls don’t matter when Clinton is mentioned. Somebody needs to clear that up. And if your ultimate goal is to beat Trump, but you refuse to vote for Clinton if she is the nominee, you have to be real with yourself about your reasons for allowing Trump to be elected. If you want to take your toys and go home, just do that instead of a four-scroll FB post. Nobody has that kind of time. And if you’re still not convinced of the math or your miscalculated strategy, you might want to tell me that Bernie Sanders is a “movement” that can’t be stopped. That’s fine. Now if you’re cool with joining the zero sum cult lead by an elderly man who thinks the wealthy are evil and that the woman he’s fighting against is an elitist with too much power, then congratulations, you’re followers of The High Sparrow. You’re not? Then why did you post this article on Facebook today? We telling women how to dress now? Let me know when her walk of atonement is scheduled.  

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