'Hot Dog Princess' Is The Most Awesome Thing You'll See Today

Hotdog Princess

When a little girl decided to dress up as a hot dog during Princess Week in dance class at Holly Springs School of Dance in North Carolina last month, little did she know she was about to become a viral sensation.

At five years old, Ainsley knew exactly what kind of costume she wanted to wear. And her choice was lauded by everyone around her. Photos of the creative costume started circulating in May and went viral over the weekend.

Her teacher Sarah Nativi told BuzzFeed, “She loves princesses, but she wanted to be original and wear a hot dog costume instead. She wore a princess costume underneath it and said she was a princess on the inside!”

Even dad was proud of his little mustard-covered daughter, who apparently came up with the idea all by herself.

One Twitter user commented, “This is the single greatest thing I’ve ever seen in my 18 years on the Internet.”

We’d have to agree it’s in our top five.

Photo Credits: Brandon E. Turner/Twitter

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