I Was a Teenage Wereskunk Trailer Will Scare the Smell Out of You

Lovers of camp cinema and the Drive-in horror classics of the 1950s have a new reason to celebrate. In 2017, we’re getting the sure to be classic I Was a Teenage Wereskunk. Today, we have the trailer for this dumpster diamond. And we have a poster that gleefully screams, ‘Half man, half skunk, all stink!’

Beware: This trailer will scare the smell out of you! Neal McLaughlin directs I Was a Teenage Wereskunk as an homage to the works of John Waters. The premise is simple, it follows a teenager who transformers into the murderous wereskunk whenever he gets horny. His monstrous new appearance occurs shortly after getting sprayed in the face by an enchanted skunk.

The movie stars Scott Monahan, Shey Lyn Zanoti, and Charlie Farrell. You can purchase the film now off the film’s official website or order it up on Amazon video-to-go. The trailer is really something you have to see to believe, and it comes courtesy of Youtube.

This being New Year’s Eve, we are presenting this trailer in true Drive-In style, with it arriving alongside a bonus trailer for Giantess Attack. It’s the double feature to end all double features! Two bitter TV stars grow to giant proportions due to a scientific accident. They carry on their battle, destroying Hollywood. Naked. Maybe. That’s the enticing premise behind the retro-throwback Giantess Attack.

In Giantess Attack, two unemployable actresses become real superheroes thanks to twin space fairies. This is a true homage to Ultraman, Electra Woman and all those happy 70’s Saturday Mornings spent as a kid in front of the TV. This sci-fi throwback stars Tasha Tacosa, Rachel Riley, Christine Nguyen, Jed Rowen, Robert “Corpsy” Rhine and Jay Woelfel. The movie was successfully funded by Kickstarter earlier in the year.

Jeff Leroy directs Giantess Attack, though no screenwriting credits are given. We’re not sure why or how that is possible after witnessing some off the great one-liners in the trailer, unless this is all improvised. Leroy is no slouch in the schlock cinema department. In 2011 he bestowed upon the world his horror classic Rat Scratch Fever. He’s also the mastermind behind such cult trash favorites as Creepies and Werewolf in a Woman’s Prison. So he knows what he’s doing when he takes on a title like Giantess Attack. Here’s what he had to say after giving this awesome trailer to the world.

“Here is a trailer for the film. I need to do a little looping with the lovely leads, but it is finished. With Tasha Tacosa, Rachel Riley, Christine Nguyen, Jed Rowen, Corpsy Rhine, Eric Spudic, Mark Polonia, Matt Watts. Thanks to all the Kickstarter contributors.”

At the age of 10, Giantess Attack star Tasha Tacosa was the youngest member ever cast in the Equity theater company’s Virginia Shakespeare Festival Guild. And as you can see, she is putting that classical training to good use as a giant sexy bong-hitting lady hellbent on destroy Hollywood. A competitive gymnast and swimmer by trade, you may recognize her from her amazing turn in Rat Scratch Fever. She also appeared in Aliens Vs Titanic and is an accomplished writer.

Tasha’s co-star Rachel Riley is also an accomplished actor and producer in the indie film world. She made her feature film schlock debut in Omega Diary and has gone onto appear in such cult favorites as Milf, Mega Shark vs. Crocosaurus and also appeared alongside Tacosa in Rat Scratch Fever. She has six other movies slated for release in the coming new year. She also served as an associate producer on Edgar Allan Poe’s Lighthouse Keeper and produced the short film Uncoupling, which is completed and awaiting release.

Giantess Attack doesn’t have a release date at this time. But it ensures us that 2017 will not be short on insanity-laden cult movies that help fuel the depraved minds looking for something out of the norm. We’ll always have our big blockbusters, Marvel movies and Star Wars adventures. But we’re glad that exciting trash like this still continues to exist as well. Take a look for both Giantess Attack and I Was a Teenage Wereskunk in all their glory. And have a safe and Happy New Year.

I Was a Teenage Wereskunk poster

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