Indiana Jones Mini-Land Coming to Disney World?

Star Wars Land, which is being called Galaxy’s Edge, is under construction at severely Disney Parks across the world as we speak. Now, it appears that Disney wants to up their Indiana Jones presence in at least one of the parks, as they are considering a mini-land based on the famed archaeologist for Disney World.

Disney has made it known in recent months that it wants to increase the presence of Dr. Henry Jones Jr. at their Florida theme park. It appears that as of now, various Imagineering teams have been assigned to figure out exactly what an Indiana Jones mini-land inside the park might look like. The attraction is being planned for the non-Magic Kingdom resorts.

As of right now, all three major Disney Parks are slated for further additions throughout the next decade. The Epcot proposals included pavilions in the Brazil and India sections, and there was an overlay for an action-packed boat ride. But those ideas were shot down quicker than a Cairo swordsman. Now it appears Hollywood Studios and Animal Kingdom will have to duke it out for which park is best suited to this iconic franchise, which will continue in 2020 with Indiana Jones 5.

The proposal for Animal Kingdom was presented earlier this year, and apparently some of these plans leaked out. It is speculated that Disney themselves let the info flow into the public so they could secretly gauge public interest. The response was not very positive. There were some ideas that saw Indiana Jones being incorporated into Dinoland, but it was never clear how Indy fighting dinos really fit into the overall Animal Kingdom message.

While these discussions and ideas were being plotted out, Disney was putting the finishing touches on Toy Story Land, the biggest expansion Hollywood Studios has seen in decades. The new land opened to huge crowds. But its overall popularity hasn’t really affected attendance to the park in any significant manner.

The Indiana Jones Stunt Spectacular is still operating within Disney’s Hollywood Studios. But the attraction hasn’t seen an update since 2004. At that time, Disney scrubbed a ton of Nazi swastikas from the presentation, even though it was directly themed to the story seen in Raiders of the Lost Ark.

Most of the Hollywood Studios attractions were in place to teach tourists how movies are made. That idea is currently changing to a ‘Ride the Movies’ mantra, which is far less educational and a whole lot more fun. Now, the primary goal is some new attractions, and it sounds like an Indiana Jones mini-land would fit in perfectly.

The Indiana Jones stunt show is very dated at this point, and many believe it will close soon. The current plan is to replace the stunt show, along with the area around it, giving 8 acres to the proposed Indiana Jones mini-land, which is half the size of the Animal Kingdom proposal.

There will be a number of new attractions included in the Indiana Jones mini-land, including at least one E-ticket style ride. It was rumored that there would be a boat ride in the style of Shanghai Disneyland’s Pirates of the Caribbean, which utilizes a groundbreaking new system. But now that boat ride is being rumored for other sections of the park. No further Indiana Jones ride info has leaked, but it is said to compete with the two giant rides planned for Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge. There appears to be plans for an outdoor Indiana Jones rollercoaster attraction.

It is further stated that the Disney Hollywood Studios plan will move the Indiana Jones mini-land over the top of the current Star Tours ride, as well as most of the Echo Lake section of the park. A bar and multiple dining and merchandising options also appear to be a part of this plan. It’s possible that the Indiana Jones mini-land will be tied directly to a nearby themed resort as well.

The Indiana Jones mini-land will arrive after the park’s 50 Anniversary. It could open sometime after 2021, at least in the next 10 years. This news was reported at Orlando Weekly.

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