Intense Photo Of Fox Frozen Alive Looks Like Something From “Hannibal”

For Today in “No, that is not Photoshop!” we go to the Danube River in South Germany. That is where a fox fell in the water and drowned before being frozen into a solid block of ice. This poor fella looks like he might make a good addition to a creepy cocktail.

A local hunter in the area, Franz Stehle, came across the fox popsicle still in the riverbed. He then extracted the chunk of ice with the animal inside before placing him outside of his family’s hotel like some sort of morbid ice sculpture at a grotesque but fancy buffet.

“Hannibal” fans know what I’m talking about, that was some weird stuff!

It seriously reminds me of a death scene from the TV show Hannibal. Either Dr. Lecter is in the area and practicing on some animals or the art department for the show is bored now that the series has been canceled.

Stehle wanted to use the fox prop as a reminder to travelers and locals that the winter weather in southern Germany has been particularly brutal this year. Stay warm and don’t end up like this fox!

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