Is It Real!? Photo Of 10-Year-Old Surfing Over Great White Shark Divides Web

For Today in Is It Real we go to Australia. That is where a ten year old boy named Eden Hasson was catching some waves with his father when his dad snapped a pic of a lifetime. Only for young Eden a cool surfing photo may not have been the only thing getting snapped. People are saying he surfed next to a Great White Shark!

This happened close to dusk at Samurai Beach in New South Wales, Australia where the young surfer and his father Chris Hasson were going out for one last ride on the waves. However when Chris saw the dark figure beneath the water he quickly called his son and other surfers back to shore. Let’s take a closer look!


Shared on social media the photo quickly went viral for Eden’s “brush with death.” However some people in the surfing community were quick to label the whole thing a hoax, saying that it was not a shark but another human surfer swimming beneath the waves.  One user said;

“It is another surfer duck diving a wave and not a shark. Granted it looks awful similar but the grey you can see breaking the surface really isn’t in the right spot and you can make out his feet,’ said another.”

The real photo that has everyone chomping at the bit.

Other amateur marine biologists figured that a great white shark of that size would not be floating upside down with its mouth facing the sky. This theory actually holds water as sharks can go into a state of temporary paralysis when floating upside down.

Despite the naysayers Chris is adamant that the photo is real and his son really did come face to face with a great white:

“It’s legit as I took photo and there were only four guys out and I called them in straight away and showed them photo,’ he wrote online. “Haha (it’s an) optical illusion. Sorry conspiracy theorists. The four guys out will validate. Definitely a shark, legit you trolls.”

Which brings us to our Break poll!


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