James Franco “Hasn’t Slept In Days”

James Franco


After winning Best Actor at the Golden Globes, James Franco didn’t get an Oscar nomination because before he was finished with his Golden Globes speech, he got accused of sexual misconduct then five more women came forward with allegations to the Los Angeles Times. I guess this somehow bothers him a great deal.

Sources tell PEOPLE that the actor, who was just snubbed by the Academy Awards for his role in The Disaster Artist, isn’t doing well in the aftermath of the allegations. “His team wants him to continue making public appearances. He thinks he can save his image,” one of the sources says. “He looks like he hasn’t slept for days. He’s just a mess.” Echoes a second source, “This whole process has been very hard on him. He’s been shaken up.”

Hasn’t slept in days? I thought he smokes a lot of weed. Maybe try that. Or don’t do the sexual misconduct stuff. That would’ve helped. His sister-in-law, Alison Brie, said not everything being reported about him doing the sexual misconduct stuff isn’t “fully accurate“, but hopefully it’s accurate enough that we don’t have to see a James Franco movie again.

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