Jennifer Hudson Dodged Court Testimony On Abuse Allegations

David Otunga

Jennifer Artfully Dodged Testifying

On Abuse Allegations

11/29/2017 7:37 AM PST


Jennifer Hudson dropped the protective order against David Otunga so she could avoid a courtroom grilling about the abuse allegations he’s always denied … at least that’s how people connected to him see it.

Sources close to Otunga believe Jennifer was NOT being generous, or looking out for their son, when she dropped the order. If she didn’t, she would have to show up in court and testify, under oath, to what she wrote in docs — that she was in fear for her “physical and emotional safety and that of my son.”

Our Otunga sources insist he did not behave threateningly toward David Jr. or Jennifer. They say she knows that, and that’s why she dodged saying it on the stand.

As we reported, sources on Jennifer’s side say she made the move in the best interest of their kid … avoiding a messy court battle.

One source connected to David says Jennifer simply didn’t expect him to defend himself so vigorously — and she had to back down or admit David was right … he was NOT a danger to her or their child. 

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