Johnny Depp Won’t Say Shit

Johnny Depp

Yay. Here’s more Johnny Depp and Amber Heard shit. Anyway, the restraining order trial is set for Friday. Johnny Depp won’t be saying much. 

Johnny Depp will NEVER testify Friday in the restraining order trial … he’ll take the 5th because he’s afraid he’ll say something that could get him prosecuted for domestic violence — that’s the take of the sources connected to Amber Heard’s case, but it may be a little unfair. Amber’s team believes they have the restraining order in the bank. Their thinking goes this way … Amber’s eager to testify, and if Johnny is mum, the judge has no choice but to grant the restraining order. Fact is … Amber triggered a police investigation, and it’s common practice for someone who’s in Johnny’s position to take the 5th in a civil case … even if there’s hard proof he’s innocent.

Christ, still with this fucking shit. Amber is “eager to testify” and has time to sent pics to People, but can’t sit down for a deposition because she had to go to an engagement party and a costume fitting. In a shocking twist, she won’t be back until the night before the trial. We’ve seen all her evidence, but for some reason, it just can’t make its way into courtroom. Weird. And the “homophobic” cop who arrested her in 2009 for domestic violence turned out to be an openly gay woman. Then she recently turned down $50K (her original request), because it included Johnny Depp’s request for his own restraining order against her. Which I assume he wants in place to ensure she doesn’t “accidentally” show up at a restaurant he’s at and accuse him of breaking her restraining order. We’ll probably find out when she sells the story to People. And she’s still living in the penthouse she was allegedly beat up in. I don’t get it.  WHY THE FUCK WON’T THIS END I NEED THIS TO END. 

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