Justin Timberlake Has A New Song/Video

Justin Timberlake


Earlier this week, Justin Timberlake announced his new album, Man of the Woods, with a video where he wasn’t walking around in the woods but rather a field of some sort. Big difference there. He said the album was “really inspired by my son, my wife, my family, but more so than any other album I’ve ever written, where I’m from – it’s personal.” I assumed that meant it was gonna be a country album, but the first single is called “Filthy” and the video is about a robot dancing in front of a bunch of Asians while Justin Timberlake watches. No sure what any of that has to do with his son, wife, or family. Or why it’s a crowd full of Asians. Because Asians really like robots? I don’t know. I just don’t know. And the song isn’t country. The song is about bangin. Anyway, it’s better than anything Cardi B has done, so the bar was set pretty low. Enjoy. Or not.


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