Kim Kardashian's Jewelry Is Long Gone

1/11/2017 12:50 AM PST


0109-kim-kardashian-tmzKim Kardashian won’t be wearing that $4 million stolen ring anytime soon — or ever for that matter — because authorities have told her there’s virtually no chance of retrieving it.

Sources close to the investigation tell us Kim’s legal team has been briefed by Parisian cops on the big break in the robbery case — rounding up 17 suspects — and they have made it clear the only way she’ll ever see the bling again is in photos.

The cops say most diamonds the size of Kim’s are immediately shipped off to Antwerp’s diamond district in Belgium and then quickly disappear.

TMZ broke the story — Kim submitted an insurance claim after the robbery listing her 20 carat emerald cut stone diamond ring at $4 million — in total, 13 items totaling $5.6 mil were stolen.


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