LAPD Fears Unrest, Even Riots During Trump Protests

1/17/2017 12:50 AM PST


0116-inauguration-hollywoodThe LAPD will be massively out in force Friday, bracing for what they believe could be large, unruly crowds protesting the beginning of the Trump presidency.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ, LAPD cops will have riot gear at the ready as they try to control the various demonstrations they are expecting.

As for how much police will tolerate … not a lot. We’re told if demonstrators try to block traffic, freeways or vandalize anything … they’ll be arrested.

And, we’re told, there will be special focus on social media, which could set the direction of the protests.

There are certain locations that will get special police attention … the Federal Building in Westwood, Hollywood and Highland and freeways.

Our sources say cops are mindful of the constitutional right of demonstrators to protest … they just can’t cross the line.

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