Lena Dunham Is Doing That “Real Woman” Shit Again, Everyone

Lena Dunham


Let’s forget for a moment that the “standards of beauty” are literally different for every person on the planet, Lonely Lingerie has created oh Jesus I can’t finish this.

New Zealand underwear label Lonely Lingerie has launched a no-frills underwear campaign called ‘#LonelyGirlsProject’. It features real women photographed in casual settings–more often than not in their very own homes.

Pretty please, with sugar on top, can we stop with the “real women” bullshit? I was under the impression that the only criteria for being a real woman was having a vagina. Unless you mean that “real women” like to eat and not work out. What if I told you that Victoria’s Secret models weren’t androids created in a lab, but real women who also consume food and have vaginas. They also managed to win the genetic lottery? And what if I told you this doesn’t make them less realer than women who wear Spanx to hide their Type 2 Diabetes? Please get over it. You’re not helping anyone.


But here’s two rich white ladies in their apartment in Bedstuy. I’m sure all “real women” can relate:



And if your message and cause about celebrating “real women” diluted and never to be taking seriously again, ask Kylie Jenner to be involved because you need Instagram likes. Great work.



Since we’re on the topic of Lena Dunham and lies, she’s on the cover of Nylon. They call her a “feminist powerhouse”. Of course I expect to read shit like this on Friday the 13th:


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