Lili Reinhart and Cole Sprouse Just Showed Some PDA on the Beach

Here’s a list of things that will happen before Lili Reinhart and Cole Sprouse talk about their relationship: every ocean in the world will turn bright pink; cheese fries will miraculously become calorie-free; and Adam Sandler will release a good movie. The Riverdale stars have been so mum about their off-screen relationship that it’s driving fans bonkers. For months, they’ve been searching for anything—literally anything—that hints at Sprouse and Reinhart being a couple. When a fan caught them secretly holding hands during a Comic-Con interview in July 2017, the Internet flipped. And the actors low-key embraced on the cover of Entertainment Weekly last year, too. Save for these vague instances, though, there’s been nothing.

But a picture might be worth a thousand words. Paparazzi caught Reinhart and Sprouse looking very couple-y on the beach in Hawaii earlier this week, which corroborates reports that they spent New Year’s Eve together. Clad in some skin-bearing bathing suits, the twosome wrapped their arms around each other while strolling by the ocean. They didn’t seem to notice the photographers tailing them, either—well, that, or they didn’t care.

Check out the pic below:

EXCLUSIVE: *PREMIUM EXCLUSIVE RATES APPLY*  A bikini clad Lili Reinhart and shirtless Cole Sprouse fuel romance rumors as they vacation together in Hawaii.

PHOTO: Splash News

So what does this mean? Are Reinhart and Sprouse dating or not? These photos certainly move the needle toward yes; however, nothing’s official until one of them says something—not that they have to. Reinhart and Sprouse are entitled to keeping their relationship as public or private as they want. In fact, these photos indicate that perhaps Reinhart and Sprouse know what the world thinks about them, and they just don’t care. They’re going to live their lives regardless, without answering to anyone. And that’s pretty amazing.

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