Mariah Carey Was At A Colorado Dispensary Before Her Live NYE Death

Mariah Carey


By now, I’m pretty sure you’ve all seen the video of Mariah Carey on NYE officially ending 2016 the only acceptable way it could end – dying from embarrassment. It was so bad even dorky ass Josh Groban tried to go in. If you haven’t seen it, I’m sure your grandma post it on Facebook in a few weeks. Or you can watch it here. You’ve also probably read how Mariah Carey thinks Dick Clark’s ghost sabotaged her. Any theory: Mariah Carey was high as hell.

Mariah Carey proved that she was just like millions of other Americans the week before her epic New Year’s Eve meltdown in Times Square as she was photographed doing some last minute shopping just before Christmas. It was not presents for her two young children Mariah seemed to be after however, with the 47-year-old pop star and her entourage spotted heading into a marijuana dispensary in the Colorado resort town of Aspen called The Original Leaf…The photos were taken exactly one week before Mariah walked off the stage during a nightmare performance of songs including ‘Emotions’ and ‘We Belong Together.’

Weed makes you forget things and not really give a shit then laugh about it later. So who knows, maybe she was high. Maybe we shouldn’t really care. Mariah Carey is probably so distraught right now, she’s wiping her tears with $100 bills and the paws of baby chinchillas.



Live holiday events’ war on successful black women singers has been going on for a while. #staywoke



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