Mass Casualties, Gunshots Fired in NYC

NYC Shooting

Mass Casualties After

Motorist Mows Down Pedestrians

10/31/2017 12:43 PM PDT

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At least one motorist rammed pedestrians and cyclists in lower Manhattan Tuesday … and multiple gunshots were fired in the area as well.

Video from the scene shows multiple people injured on what looks like a bike path adjacent to the NYC’s Westside Highway. Law enforcement sources tell us NYPD has one person in custody following the incident — which they suspect started as road rage between drivers.

We’re told the rolling confrontation eventually spilled onto bike bath. At some point shots were fired, but it’s unclear who pulled the trigger. There are reports of multiple fatalities. 

It’s unclear if the person in custody is a suspect, or person of interest.

Singer Josh Groban was in a nearby park with his dog, and says he heard 8-10 shots ring out as he fled the area.

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