Michael Bisping — I'm A Real Actor … Conor McGregor Not So Much (VIDEO)


UFC star Michael Bisping says the producers of of Vin Diesel‘s new “XXX” movie actually lucked out when Conor McGregor dropped out … cause they got him instead, and he’s a real deal thespian.

We got Bisping out in L.A. and asked him about filling in for Conor on the new flick, which McGregor was slated to star in but then dropped out of.

Bisping makes it clear to us … he’s no replacement … saying a whole new part was written for the movie and he had to audition to get it.

As far as talking about McGregor’s acting abilities … Michael says there’s not much to talk about — saying Conor’s never even done it before … while he has over ten credits on the all-important IMDB.

We looked it up … he ain’t lying.

Anthony Hopkins, watch out.

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