Amber Heard


So far, 2017 isn’t much better than 2016, but the Dallas Cowboys took the L last night, but the greatest news of all might be that the Johnny Depp and Amber Heard divorce shit is finally fucking over.


Have a seat, Amber.

Amber was trying to delay the final divorce so she could take Johnny’s deposition, but the judge turned thumbs down in a hearing Friday, saying enough was enough.

Why did you stand up? Take another seat, Amber.

Johnny had agreed to pay Amber $7 million to settle the divorce, but Amber attempted to renegotiate the settlement. The judge ruled the $7 mil settlement stood, and that’s what she’ll get.

You too, Johnny. Oh, Amber please take a third one.

Johnny’s lawyers asked the judge to impose a $100k sanction on Amber for delaying the proceeding, but the judge rejected that. She wanted Johnny to pay her attorney’s fees but the judge said each should foot their own bills.

Both of these people are assholes, so I really don’t care what happens here. Actually, that’s a lie, because I’ve been posting about it since day one and haven’t let it go. What’s wrong with me? What have become? There’s no titties in this.

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