Naked Man Streaking Through Traffic In Texas As Police Struggle To Arrest Him

A Texan made rush hour traffic a little more interesting in San Antonio by running through the streets wearing nothing at all. When police tried to arrest him, the man was able to lead them on a lengthy foot chase before finally being captured.

Commuters called police to complain about a naked man sprinting through the streets. By the time the cops caught up with him, the unidentified man was ready to make their lives difficult.

In the cell phone video above, the man can be seen standing on top of a police cruiser, apparently arguing with a number of officers surrounding the vehicle. Suddenly, he leaps off the car and darts through a Wendy’s parking lot with cops desperately chasing him.

Police officers even tried to subdue the man with pepper spray, but he was unfazed and managed to elude capture. Finally, law enforcement caught up with him, deploying a combination of vehicles and officers on foot, and managed to place him under arrest.

San Antonio police say that the man was taken in for a psychological evaluation. He could be charged with criminal mischief and evading arrest for streaking through traffic. 

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