Nancy Kerrigan Said She Had Six Miscarriages In Eight Years

Nancy Kerrigan


Nancy Kerrigan was a famous figure skater in the 90s when figure skating was big (the 90s was a special time) who got her leg cracked by a pipe because sometimes women don’t support all women.  They’re making a movie about it. She’s on Dancing With The Stars now, and apparently the contestants become super close with their partners, because she laid some heavy shit on hers.

The Olympic gold medalist, 47, broke down in tears while recalling the past to her pro partner, Artem Chigvintsev, and to the cameras. “Since I was 10 years old I always wanted three kids before I was 30, sort of like what my mom had done,” she said. “I had six miscarriages in eight years. It was really hard, actually. It almost felt shameful I think because I couldn’t do it on my own.” Kerrigan and her agent husband, Jerry Solomon, had trouble getting pregnant after welcoming their first child, Matthew, now 19, in 1997. “Not long after having Matthew we thought we wanted more kids, but I had a miscarriage. It was pretty awful. You feel guilty and like, ‘What did you do wrong?’ It makes you feel like a failure,” Kerrigan said. “We had a good life, but I had that vision in my head since I was such a small kid.”

This is pretty horrible, but it seems like a really overcomplicated way to get out of learning the tango.


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