Netflix's Game Over, Man! Trailer Is Workaholics Meets Die Hard

Back in May, Netflix released the teaser for Game Over, Man! starring the gang from Workaholics. Now the first trailer has arrived and it looks just as dumb and fun as you can imagine. In the Netflix movie, during a star-studded Los Angeles party, three zeroes become heroes when the hotel they work at is taken hostage by terrorists. From there, it looks pretty much like an episode of Workaholics with guns and a lot of cussing, which is not a bad thing for fans who have been waiting to see the trio on screen together again since the conclusion of their hit show.

Die Hard has been quoted a few times during the course of 7 seasons of Workaholics and now it seems that Adam DeVine, Anders Holm, and Blake Anderson have taken their love of the classic action/Christmas movie to a whole new level of absurdity. In the Holm-penned script, Game Over, Man! features a trio of video game creators who watch in horror as party-goers are taken hostage on live television, including their financial backer who happens to be Shaggy, the Jamaican pop star responsible for the 2000 hit “It Wasn’t Me,” which also serves as the trailer’s soundtrack. The trio pose as waiters as a way to infiltrate and take out the terrorists, but later become violent protagonists in ways in which only DeVine, Holms, and Anderson can deliver.

Game Over, Man! was announced back in June of 2016 and it is 1 of the 80 Netflix original movies the streaming service is setting up for a 2018 release. The movie comes out on March 24th, 2018 and in addition to the Workaholics crew, the movie also includes appearances from Veep regular Sam Richardson and Oscar winner Cloris Leachman, who is no stranger to comedies after starring as an off-kilter grandma on Malcolm in the Middle. However, missing from the trailer is Workaholics co-creator Kyle Newachek, but one would imagine that he has some kind of part to play in Game Over, Man!, as he directed the movie and often appeared on screen during Workaholics seven year run.

Workaholics wrapped up its 7th and final Season in 2017, which saw them play the three college dropouts and roommates who work at a telemarketing firm one last time. The show became a cult favorite right from its debut in 2011 and has seen the careers of all involved start to flourish. Adam DeVine has shown up in big Hollywood movies like the Pitch Perfect franchise and Anders Holm was seen on The Mindy Project. Game Over, Man! looks to be harnessing the same over-the-top comedic energy as Workaholics, which will come as a relief for fans that were holding out hope for an 8th Season of the hit comedy show.

Game Over, Man! begins streaming on Netflix March 24th and it looks tailor made for fans of Die Hard and absurd comedy from the crew of Workaholics. Netflix is on a roll lately with its original movie Bright starring Will Smith earning over 11 million views in just 3 days. It’s unlikely that Game Over, Man! will hit those numbers, but it will surely be a success. While we wait for March 24th to come around, check out the hilarious trailer for Game Over, Man! below, courtesy of Netflix’s YouTube channel.

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