NHL Star Puts Wieners in Stanley Cup

NHL Star

Puts Wieners in Stanley Cup

8/14/2017 4:38 PM PDT

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What’s better than making a caddy follow you around the golf course with hot dogs?

How about making the Stanley Cup do it.

Pittsburgh Penguins star, Phil Kessel, spent his day on the links with the Holy Grail Monday … fillin’ it to the brim with tube steaks!!

In case you’re wondering about Kessel’s fascination with hot dogs … there was a rumor he used to eat a wiener a day in Toronto before he was traded from the Maple Leafs.

But the myth apparently wasn’t true … and to be frank, it looks like Kessel got the sweet end of the deal, ’cause he’s a freakin’ 2-time Stanley Cup champ.

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