Orlando Mass Murderer — He Beat Me Over Dirty Laundry … Says Ex-Wife

0612-omar-mateen-picture-04Omar Mateen married a woman he met online, but the relationship quickly fell apart because of his abusive behavior … according to the now ex-wife.

Omar and Sitora Yusufiy hooked up in 2009 … he was living in Florida, and she moved there to be with him when they got married. she says his temper quickly became apparent — “He beat me. He would just come home and start beating me up because the laundry wasn’t finished or something like that.”

The ex-wife spoke to the Washington Post, and says the abuse came just a few months into the marriage, and when she told her parents … they came and got her.

She says she never saw or spoke to Mateen again. According to docs, their divorce was finalized in 2011 — 2 years before the FBI’s first run-in with Mateen.

According to records TMZ obtained … he worked for a security company called G4S. The Sitora said he was a guard at a juvenile delinquent facility. She also said he owned one handgun while they were together, but she never saw any sign he was radicalized.

Important to note … that was 7 years ago.

Sitora also gave a press conference at her home in Colorado.

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