'Parks and Recreation' Cast Members Just Had an Adorable Mini-Reunion

This week had a lot of moments that made us question our faith in humanity, but one bright spot was a reunion we’ve been dreaming of since February 24, 2015. In case your memory fails you, that’s the series finale of the much-beloved Parks and Recreation. But! A few members of the cast got back together on Thursday night to attend the premiere of April Ludgate-Dwyer’s Aubrey Plaza’s new movie, Ingrid Goes West—and the pictures are adorable.

Chris Pratt, who played April’s husband Andy on the show, showed up. So did Amy Poehler, who played the inimitable protagonist Leslie Knope on the show. Retta, who played Donna Meagle, was there, too. (Apparently Jerry missed the invite. Damn it, Jerry.)

By the way, Plaza’s new movie seems intriguing! She plays a stalker who moves to L.A. to creep on her favorite #influencer. Ah, the kids have truly left Pawnee.

Anyway, here are some photos of the cast’s adorable mini-reunion at the premiere’s afterparty:

parks and rec ingrid
parks and rec ingrid 3
parks and rec ingrid 2

PHOTO: Photo by Michael Kovac/Getty Images for Neon

It’s nice to know that the show’s ties still run strong: Plaza told US Weekly that “We all love each other, we still do!”And Pratt told People last year that the group still talked every day at that point. Anytime we can get in on that group text, we’re here—and we’ll bring waffles.

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