People Are Mad About A Pepsi Ad

Kendall Pepsi


Brace yourselves. You might not believe this, but since a company didn’t just film their product sitting on a table for two minutes in a empty room then release it as a commercial, their commercial offended people. I know! Anyway, the company in is Pepsi. And this is the commercial.



You can read the Twitter outrage hose here. Basically, despite checking off all the diversity boxes, people are upset that Pepsi didn’t have the cops, who were shown in the last :30 of the ad, gun down and pepper spray the people holding signs in the street. I agree. Because that’s what you want in soft drink commercials. Gritty realism and a constant reminder of America’s problems. Is the commercial tone deaf? I guess if you wanna look hard enough. Will tweeting at Pepsi stop systematic police violence? Probably not. But I assume its easier to tweet and sit back knowing you’ve done all you can. Kendall Jenner still got paid and you’ll still drink Pepsi as soon as they donate Planned Parenthood so whatever. They’ll be something else to get offended about tomorrow. Maybe Barron Trump gets cornrows.


I live in Atlanta and was born and raised in NC, so I don’t really fuck with Pepsi because I’d rather not get shot on sight.

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