Peter Officially Introduces Members of X-Force in Deadpool 2

Peter, the most seemingly useless member of the X-Force, has revealed who all of his teammates are in Deadpool 2. Peter became an instant fan-favorite after being introduced in the final trailer for Deadpool 2 and things only got better once they found out he had his own hilarious Twitter account. Now, via that Twitter account, Peter has revealed all of the members of X-Force in the movie. The reveals were made in a series of posts accompanied by pictures that Peter took while training with the team. He maintains a ridiculously positive attitude throughout the series of posts.

“First day of training! Glad I brought my #Nikon! These are four of the hardest working people I know! #MakingMemories #XForce.”

The Twitter account, following the initial group shot, features a series of photo posts cycling through X-Force. First up is Domino (Zazie Beetz), with Peter (played by Rob Delaney) saying, “Domino said she’s really lucky. I guess I’m just really lucky I get to hang out with such nice people.” He then moved on to Terry Crews’ character, proceeding to gush over his physique saying, “Meet Bedlam. It’s hard to not feel inadequate around a man with muscles for muscles and electricity powers. But Susan assures me that I’m great just the way I am! #LoveMyWife #MortalWifeMortalLife.” Next we get to Shatterstar, with Peter saying, “Shatterstar is a super good looking, karate-fighting alien from SPACE. And one member of the team Susan WON’T be meeting.” Finally, the most important of all, is Bill Skarsgard’s mystery character who has finally been revealed.

“Watch out for Zeitgeist’s acid breath! It’ll getchya if his kindness doesn’t kill you first! (Seriously. SUCH a nice guy)”

Thanks to the beekeeping, sports-loving Peter, we now know that the IT star is playing Zeitgeist. Much like his comic book character, Zeitgeist has acid breath, which could be very cool when we get to see it on display in Deadpool 2. Zeitgeist was part of the second X-Force team in the world of Marvel Comics and was eventually killed in battle. To date, he hasn’t appeared in any media outside of the comics.

Peter then posted several more hilarious photos. In one post, he jokingly blocked Ryan Reynolds. He also posted one more group shot with the caption, “Say, ‘CHEESE!’ #TeamSelfie #XForce.” Finally, there was a great shot that features the most average member of the team, claiming that Domino stole his camera in order to get the shot.

“Domino stole my camera! I wasn’t even posing! #AccidentalProfilePic #NotMyBeer #Nikon.”

Deadpool 2 arrives in theaters on May 18 and, even though fans haven’t seen the movie yet, it’s clear that they’re going to have a lot of love for Peter. Let’s just hope he makes it to the eventual X-Force movie that Fox is planning. You can check out all of Peter W.’s Twitter posts for yourself below.

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