Prince Estate — Help Us Sort Out This Gold Mine … Long Lost 'Son' Objects!

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0511-prince-getty-04Prince‘s estate has rich people trouble … potentially hundreds of millions of dollars, and no clue what to do with it — so they’re calling in heavy hitters, which is pissing off one potential heir.

The estate’s special administrator just filed docs in Prince’s probate asking permission to hire entertainment industry experts to advise how to manage the singer’s “wide-ranging intellectual property.” 

Translation: We’re sitting on a fortune here, and someone’s gotta figure out how best to cash in on it. 

As for who they want to help out — they’re keeping it confidential, but Prince’s alleged son thinks it’s all a waste of time. Carlin Q. Williams has already filed docs objecting to the estate’s request for music experts, and wants more focus on DNA testing to identify the heirs. 

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