Ray J and Princess Love Giving Away 10 lbs. O' Halloween Candy

Ray J and Princess Love

Giving Out 10 lbs. O’ Halloween Candy

& Other Celebrity Treats

10/31/2017 12:20 AM PDT


Ray J and Princess Love are going all out to crush their neighbors for best trick or treatin’ spot on the block because they’re giving away 10 lbs. worth of full-size candy bars!

While kids on Ray’s block will be weighed down with all sorts of chocolate bars, we also found out what a bunch of other celebs are doing to curry Halloween favor this year:

— “The Chew” host and chef Michael Symon‘s dishing his personal fave, full-size Take 5s

— Rapper Stitches has $500 of assorted candy and each trick-or-treater gets 30 pieces

— Food Network star Alex Guarnaschelli whipped up homemade chocolate truffles

— Diamond Dallas Page wanted to give out organic candy, but settled on mixed grab bags

We recommend bypassing comedian Gilbert Gottfried‘s NYC pad — he told us he doesn’t give out candy, he sells it! We think he’s kidding, but just in case … carry cash.

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