Reylo: Kylo Ren, Rey Relationship Is Canon According to The Last Jedi Novel?

Some lucky Star Wars fans were able to get their hands on The Last Jedi novelization ahead of its March 6th release date and there’s a lot going on in it that did not get fleshed out on the big screen. We’ve learned that we’ll get to read about Han Solo’s funeral and hints of Luke Skywalker’s life had he not followed the Jedi path, but now the book is hinting that a Kylo Ren and Rey relationship is a piece of official Star Wars canon. The “Reylo” theories were around before the movie came out and then Rian Johnson made their relationship ambiguous.

In a new passage from The Last Jedi novelization, which is being billed as an “extended edition” because there’s so much new material in it, goes a bit further into the heads of Rey and Kylo Ren when they are connected through the Force, thanks to the powers of Supreme Leader Snoke. In the scene where Kylo Ren is bringing Rey up to Snoke, the book says, “Rey realizes Kylo’s churning emotions are not only about himself, but also about her.” This certainly hints at more than just Force friends.

Star Wars fans have speculated about this relationship for quite a while now, but it’s important to note what else is going on in that scene. Director Rian Johnson has said that Kylo already knew what he was about to do, so the conflicting emotions that Rey was picking up on may have just been the intense quest for power that Kylo was after. They are both young and kind of naïve in that way and Rey is pretty new to her Force abilities, so it could be her misreading Kylo’s “churning” emotions.

This wouldn’t be the first time that the Star Wars universe has tackled a difficult relationship, but it seems highly unlikely that a romantic relationship between Kylo Ren and Rey will pop up in Star Wars 9. Rian Johnson was ambiguous about their feelings towards each other on purpose, which helped show just how confused both characters were about different things. Rey thinks that she sees light in Kylo Ren, but it was just his quest for power, bringing him one step further to getting to be a Darth Vader-type of leader.

The Last Jedi novelization hits bookstores and online March 6th, and as previously noted, some lucky fans already have their copies. For those looking for a spoiler-free experience, it might be wise to stay away from The Last Jedi stories yet again. Author Jason Fry worked closely with Rian Johnson on getting this extended edition complete and it looks to serve as the ultimate companion piece to the movie that raised a lot of questions for Star Wars fans. You can check out the leaked passage below, thanks to the Star Wars Stuff Twitter account.

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