Russian Wife Gets Street Revenge After Catching This Woman With Her Husband

The wives of Russia (hey, sounds like that should be a show on E!) don’t mess around when they catch their husbands cheating on them. However instead of torching their husband’s car or keying some loving comment on its hood, they take the “floozy” in question and put on a real show for anyone willing to watch. Or join in for that matter!

The married woman in black who’s name is Anna dragged the woman she found with her husband out into the street and began to publicly smack and spit on her as she questioned her about what she had been up to. Of course the woman in the bikini says she didn’t sleep with her husband but Anna seemed to care less, shouting “Tolik is my husband! I kill this bitch!”

Anna then decided to rip off the bikini top of the woman, really taking the fight to the next level. The weird part is the person recording this heated argument was the husband of Anna, who decided to say nothing and enjoy the show.

And that’s when the accused confessed to sleeping with the woman’s husband, which made the whole thing that much more action-packed.

A second married woman stepped in after the confession and accused the woman on the ground of sleeping with her husband too, yanking the hair on the woman’s head, forcing her to stand up. Even though the matter now looked to be between two women, that didn’t stop other ladies in the neighborhood from joining in. It’s like a Neighborhood Watch, only for angry housewives.

Frankly this whole thing is like watching The Three Stooges, only instead of Larry Fine getting his hair pulled and face smacked, it’s some Russian hussy! Check out the video below. Even some of the children get in on the beating action by kicking the woman in the face after the wives throw the woman in the bushes for some more berating.

Of course since this isn’t the wild west despite it taking place in Russia, the Russian police have received the video and are considering taking action, that is if the beaten woman decides to press charges. We’re sure this scenario will end pleasantly for all parties involved.

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