Ryan Reynolds & Josh Brolin Call James Corden Ugly in Late Night Sketch

Ryan Reynolds and James Brolin are out promoting Deadpool 2, which is now currently in theaters and breaking R-rated box office records in its first 24 hours. In a recent press stop, the two actors appeared on The Late Show with James Corden for a pre-taped spoof of The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly in which Corden was deemed the Ugly by Reynolds and Brolin. James Corden is not happy about the decision, but Ryan Reynolds and Josh Brolin insist that he’s the ugly one of the group.

The bromance of Ryan Reynolds and Josh Brolin has developed quite a bit since production started on Deadpool 2. The two would playfully poke fun of each other on social media and have been doing the same in person on talk shows. And now, they’ve dragged James Corden into their inner circle, but only if he’s the ugly one in the group. Reynolds is obviously the good, and Brolin is the bad, complete with fake mustache, in The Good, The Bad and The Ugly late night spoof.

The sketch is pretty funny and Josh Brolin keeps comparing James Corden’s face to a certain part of the male anatomy, which almost sees Ryan Reynolds break character a few times. After some arguing back and forth, the trio decide to reenact another classic film. This time it’s Three Men and Baby with Reggie Watts as the Steve Guttenberg character, Reynolds as Ted Danson’s character, and Brolin keeps his fake mustache to play Tom Selleck’s character. James Corden gets to play the baby, which doesn’t make him any happier.

Deadpool 2 sees Ryan Reynolds as the titular character out to protect a mutant child from Josh Brolin’s Cable who has come from the future to kill the kid. As with the first Deadpool movie, the sequel is a twisted, hilarious take on the superhero genre while keeping an engaging plot moving along. There’s plenty of fourth wall breaking and a ton of Easter Eggs that will have fans searching for the months to come, with many that will only be found when Deadpool 2 comes out on Blu-ray later this fall.

Ryan Reynolds has said that there more than likely will not be a Deadpool 3, but that instead, the X-Force movie will take its place. This decision makes sense, but we could very well end up seeing a third installment from the Merc with a Mouth after the tremendous success of Deadpool 2. For now, we can watch James Corden join Ryan Reynolds and Josh Brolin in a spoof of The Good, The Bad and The Ugly as well as Three Men and a Baby, complete with a rendition of “Goodnight Sweetheart” with Reggie Watts taking over Corden’s spot below, courtesy of the The Late Show with James Corden’s YouTube channel.

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