Selena Gomez Says She Isn't Breaking Friend Rules By Dating The Weeknd

1/14/2017 12:33 PM PST


0114-selena-gomez-bella-hadid-tmz-instagram-3Selena Gomez isn’t buying Bella Hadid‘s friendship heartbreak after the singer scooped up The Weeknd … the reason’s pretty simple — she says they weren’t that close.

Sources close to Selena say if Bella truly feels betrayed by her new fling, it comes without merit. We’re told Selena’s always been best friends with “squad” leader Taylor Swift … but the Hadid sisters were merely distant acquaintances.

Our sources say if Selena truly felt she needed to let Bella know (as a friend) that she and The Weeknd had a thing going on, she would have … but Bella just isn’t a close friend. 

As for her situation with The Weeknd — our Selena sources say the two started hanging out just before the holidays — but weren’t together for the celebrations. 

We’re told the new couple isn’t yet “that serious” … but even if they were, Bella’s playing the victim card way too hard. 

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