Senators Crushed More Than 100 Pizzas During Obamacare Vote (PHOTO)

1/12/2017 12:49 PM PST

Exclusive Details

0112_pizza-us-senate-EPAWhile U.S. Senators held a marathon voting session to take down Obamacare, they were more than happy to spend freely on pizza, after pizza after pizza … and tons of wings too.

Sources inside the historic vote tell TMZ … the Senate ordered out to We, The Pizza around 20 times throughout the night. We’re told the average order was 7 pies covering the gamut — supreme, pepperoni, sausage, veggie and just plain old cheese. They also inhaled at least 200 wings.

The delivery guys made out with much higher tips than usual. One driver even walked away with a hundo for a single delivery. We’re told the Senate dropped about $5,000 for the evening’s grub.

At least they were eating healthy while dismantling the Affordable Care Act. The vote moves to the House next — so, maybe Chick-fil-A to go?

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