Skrillex Demands 2nd Opinion in Injured Fan Lawsuit


I’m Gonna Need a 2nd Opinion

In Injured Fan Lawsuit

7/11/2017 12:40 AM PDT


Skrillex wants a fan who’s suing him to undergo a second psychiatric evaluation, but she’s telling him to take a hike.

Jennifer Fraissl sued the DJ back in February 2014 after he jumped from the stage during a performance in Downtown L.A. Jennifer says Skrillex landed on top of her and she suffered a stroke as a result of the trauma.

The suit’s been going back-and-forth, and now Skrillex wants Jennifer to undergo an independent psychiatric evaluation to determine the emotional impact caused by her alleged injuries.

But in docs, obtained by TMZ, Jennifer says she’s refusing to go through the exam … especially because she already has with her own doctors.

The judge will decide if she has to submit to further testing.

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