Solo Is Taking a Big Plunge at the Box Office This Weekend

Solo may not be the disaster, in terms of quality, that it very well could have been, but the movie is heading for a disastrous second weekend at the box office. Lucasfilm’s Han Solo standalone disappointed in a big way on its first weekend in theaters both domestically and abroad. Despite the fact that there is no real heavy-hitting competition arriving to challenge Solo this weekend, moviegoers just aren’t having it and the movie is expected to take a big plunge.

Estimates now have Solo bringing in just $28 million on its second weekend. That represents a 67 percent decline from its first weekend. The movie brought in just $84.4 million from Friday to Sunday last week and $103 million for the whole of the four-day Memorial Day weekend. That was far below estimates, which had it bringing in as much as $150 million during the four-day period. The fact that the movie is going to make less than $30 million in its second weekend isn’t helping matters any. Those of you who were hoping to see Solo 2 may not want to hold your breath. So much for that three-picture deal Alden Ehrenreich signed to play Han Solo.

Deadpool 2 is expected to finish second this weekend in its third week with roughly $20 million. The fact that it’s even going to be that close says it all. Newcomers like Johnny Knoxville’s Action Point, which is looking at a mere $3 million or less, Blumhouse’s Upgrade, which is eyeing a $4 million debut riding a wave of strong reviews and Adrift, which should bring in around $10 million, aren’t posing any major threat to the latest Star Wars movie. So it’s really just a matter of the movie not playing as well as Disney and Lucasfilm had hoped it might.

Ron Howard stepped in as director and saved Solo: A Star Wars Story following the departure of Phil Lord and Chris Miller. The duo was fired by Lucasfilm President Kathleen Kennedy after they had nearly completed production. Despite the fact that Howard made a movie that did reasonably well with critics, audiences just aren’t responding to it. Releasing just five months after The Last Jedi, which was divisive amongst the fanbase, surely didn’t help matters. Then there are those who clearly just don’t see the need for a Han Solo movie in the first place.

As of this writing, Solo has made just $201.8 million worldwide. The movie is really struggling overseas, where it has made just $82.3 million. This means Disney and Lucasfilm are likely going to lose some, if not a lot of money on the movie. Will this get in the way of projects like the Boba Fett movie or the Obi-Wan movie? Plenty of fans certainly hope not, but this will certainly have an impact on the decisions being made in regards to the future of the franchise. For starters, there’s a good chance Lucasfilm won’t be releasing Star Wars movies so close to one another in the future. Whatever lessons there are for Lucasfilm to learn, they’re going to be expensive ones. This news comes to us courtesy of Variety.

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