Someone Finally Found An AWESOME Foreign Object In Their McDonald's Burger

Fast food joints have a bad wrap when it comes to people finding really random objects in their food, especially McDonalds. People have even found fingernails in their burgers at the home of Ronald but one man didn’t hit any Whammys when he bit into his McDonald’s burger because he actually found some cold hard cash mixed in with his toppings. Would’ve been nice if the cash was warm, but you get the idea.

Dave Cook from Virginia was ordering from the dollar menu when he noticed his meal came with what looked like an expired piece of lettuce after taking his first bite. Low and behold it was a $20 dollar bill, like a glorious gift from Ronald himself!

He said the two men in a booth next to him saw it happen and immediately checked their burgers for cash too, but Cook was the only customer who walked away with the real happy meal. Cook said he did what all of us would have done and kept the money instead of turning it in to management but clarified that if anyone did claim that they lost $20 bucks in that particular McDonalds, he would give the money back. I mean, finding $20 bucks is nice but I hope he washed his mouth out after finding it. The chain’s lucky he’s not suing them for more money because God knows where that bill has been.

One question remains though–how the hell do you lose a $20 in a cheeseburger??




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