Star Wars Episode VIII Title (And Teaser Poster) Revealed!

We admit, we’re pretty much over the Star Wars hype. It’s been a year since The Force Awakens was released, and we’re just exhausted by the whole franchise. Everyone either has a Star Wars decal on their car, iphone case, t-shirt and so on. Frankly, we needed a break from the whole thing. However Disney and Lucasfilm just released the subtitle for Episode VIII and well, it’s pretty damn awesome. Way better than The Force Awakens if you ask us!

We can’t help but think of the theme song to The Last Dragon when seeing this subtitle. Anyone else?

We think it’s pretty awesome and has that level of epicness that we’re hoping the film can deliver on, especially after the last film’s cliffhanger with Luke! Look for the first teaser during the Super Bowl (not confirmed, but a solid guess).

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