Tax Day Rallies Result in Crazy Fight Between Trump Protesters and Supporters in Berkeley (VIDEO + PHOTO)

Trump Protesters and Supporters

Crazy Brawl Breaks Out in Berkeley

4/15/2017 2:02 PM PDT

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Donald Trump protesters and supporters have come to blows in Berkeley, California on Tax Day … and the fight videos are completely nuts.

A group of anti-Trump protesters marching for Tax Day — in an effort to get the president to release his taxes — reportedly clashed at Martin Luther King Jr. Civic Park with Trump supporters holding their own “Patriot’s Day” rally.

The scene is insane — countless demonstrators get into fights … swinging helmets and skateboards as weapons and using homemade shields.

Law enforcement sources tell us multiple arrests have already been made … and there will most definitely be more. Berkeley police reports several prohibited items were removed from the park.

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