Taylor Swift Has A New Music Video

Taylor Swift


Now that you’ve refreshed that Stacey Dash post about 40 times, did you know that Taylor Swift dropped a new music video? Great. It’s for the song “Delicate.” Maybe because I’ve been in a damn good mood lately, I really don’t hate the song. I’m surprised myself. Anyway, the video starts out with a bunch of people wanting to take selfies Taylor Swift, and then a dude tries to hump her, then she goes to the bathroom and becomes invisible then dances. Not entirely sure what the hidden meaning is supposed to be here, but Taylor Swift insists on dancing in all her videos, so that’s something we’re gonna have to accept. She also dances barefoot in a subway station, so shout out to the people who had to scrub the floor with crushed rose petals or whatever it was Taylor Swift put in her contract.


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