Taylor Swift Took Tom Hiddleston To The UK So She Could Meet His Mother

Taylor Swift

Trying super hard to push the narrative that Taylor Swift was heartbroken and single until Tom Hiddleston showed up on a white horse instead of the more likely scenario of Swift cheating on Calvin Harris with Hiddleston at the MET Gala (then taking a month to formulate a plan that ended with her breaking up with Harris over the phone), Taylor Swift flew to fucking the UK to meet Tom Hiddleston’s parents (after he met hers) because it’s obviously true and everlasting love after two months. 

This is also two days paparazzi caught them all over Nashville. Nashville. The paparazzi hotbed of Nashville. And they can’t even walk on a random beach in Suffolk without the paparazzi using Professor Xavier’s helmet and a teleportation device to ruin their private, not staged at all walk on the beach. This shit moving at Swift Speed, and there’s only this is gonna end. US Weekly saying they “spilt amicably” before a Taylor Swift double album drops where she sings in a British accent. 

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