Teacher Jailed For Sex With Student Is SUING The Kid For ‘Damaged Reputation’

Most teacher-student sex scandals end in the teacher going to jail and the student living happily ever after…with a slew of PTSD-esque symptoms or nightmares spanning years of time. Fun fun, right? Well not for whatever unlucky kid got sucked into Tara Stumph’s snatch, as the former Arroyo Grande High School Teacher is now suing both the student and the school district for defamation.

According to the New York Post, Stumph claims that the student defamed her “to various classmates, family and other members of the community,” which is like saying the vegan standing outside of McDonald’s with a sign that reads “MEAT MAKES YOU FAT, GO GREEN” is “defamatory.” Everyone knows eating burgers and crap will make you fat. Everyone knew that Tara Stumph banged this kid after the news story came out – and if people found out about it before, so what? YOU STILL FUCKED THE KID. You sent him nude selfies and X-rated videos of yourself, and you did this all for months while married to your husband. It’s not like Stumph was found not guilty and then had to go walk around town while people whispered behind her back about how she likes banging her students – this woman was sentenced to 180 days in prison. She’s not innocent; she’s just throwing a fit and trying to shift the blame onto someone else for ruining her reputation.

To be fair, Stumph isn’t suing the kid out of nowhere — her lawsuit is for indemnity against any judgments brought against her, which basically translates to “I’m not actually trying to get any money out of this, I just don’t want my ass to get pounded even harder if the court rules in favor of the family.” As for the family’s lawsuit, they claim that complaints about Stumph’s inappropriate relationships with other students were ignored by administrators, leading to the victimization of the 16-year-old in question.

The next hearing in the civil case is scheduled for October 12th.

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