The Break Down: Today's Facebook Trending Topics 3.31.2017

Hmmm the word “Photoshopped” must have fell off the headline.

Yeah but he’s a total beto male.

We won the war for this?

If you think that sounds like a stretch now, wait ‘til you find out it’s a biopic about George Foreman’s uncle.

Of course, you’re eligible for parole upon reincarnation.

He asks Doctor Who for a Truvada prescription.

No, Michael! Vaccines cause autism! Actually, courts might take it easier on an autist.

…because there’s no way he’d come back alive.

…conducted by lazy, laying Southern scientists claims.

You’ve got a long way to Wilt Chamberlain.

Well, I mean, technically every character is African.

This was especially hard for Matt because he usually can’t stop at one line.

95,001 if you count their soon-to-be-fired tech security guy.

…a dicey neighborhood by giving you bad directions. April Fools!

…DISTANT second on the list of reasons they hate him.

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